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This is a subgroup within the Flowers group, but it merits its own entry due to the fact that "white flowers" are the basis for a whole fragrance sub-category: the "white florals." By white flowers, we refer to orange blossom, jasmine, gardenia, tuberose, frangipani. Even though honeysuckle can actually be yellow-colored in nature, its scent profile is not that of yellow flowers (such as mimosa, and it's typified by the sweet, nectarous headiness of white flowers.

Lily of the valley, although white in color, is classified as a "green floral" as it lacks some of the characteristics of the other white florals and shares facets with other members of the "green floral" groups (according to Edmond Roudnitska's classification): hyacinth and narcissus.

White flowers have the most narcotic scent of all flowers; lush, opulent and truly intoxicating, almost a code for intense femininity in any fragrance they star in.

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